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Brightmore Helps to Keep Military Families Connected!

January 14, 2016

Residents joined together to be a part of Brightmore’s 4th Annual Charity Bazaar Donation which was presented to Mary Heath with “”. Mary is the coordinator of over 100 volunteer photographers throughout 40 different states which supports local military families with photography. HeartsApart was founded in 2010, in NC and has over 300 submissions for photo sessions each year from servicemen and their families. was created to keep families connected while our military men and women are serving abroad. Through the efforts of our community’s finest photographers, provides our soon to be deployed servicemen and women with pictures of their spouses and children. The photographs are printed on waterproof and durable bi-folded cards, which fit securely in their uniform pocket. believes our military personnel deserve and need the memory of their families to carry them through the difficult times that lie ahead. The mission of is simple: as long as servicemen and women are in harm’s way and separated from their families, they will be taking pictures. There is no end to the project, just a commitment to continue to serve our Armed Forces while they continue to serve us. Each year Brightmore’s Crafting Group will diligently craft for over 10 months to collect enough products to sale at our Annual Holiday Craft Bazaar and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to a local charity. We are proud to announce that this year we raised $570.00 for!

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