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Biofield Tuning With Tuning Forks

July 19, 2018

Brightmore University Series had the pleasure of listening to Eileen Rainier speak about a non-medical Therapeutic Method that is unique, simple, non-invasive and efficient. The method is “Bio-tuning” and has produced profound and powerful outcomes. Eileen Rainier has trained directly with Eileen McKusick, the developer and researcher of “Bio-tuning.”  During the presentation, Eileen used Bio-tuning Forks, tapping them on her knee, which creates vibrations. The fork is then placed on the clients back, shoulders, or neck to release the vibrations of the forks. Bio-field tuning may help with many different areas, including pain, anxiety, digestive problems, low energy, phobias, vertigo, migraines, restless leg syndrome and many more. Benefits that have been reported are things such as, decreased pain, increase in energy, reduced stress and improvement of sleep. Bio-field tuning is energetic modality using sound and vibrations which helps to restore the natural rhythm and signal flow of energy. Eileen went around the group and let each person have a feel of the forks and the vibrations that they put off. It was a wonderful and very interesting presentation. The group seemed to have much interest in Bio-field tuning and may follow up for individual sessions. This method can also be done in a group setting with five or more people.

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