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March 2, 2021

February was packed with lots of fun at Brightmore! This past month we celebrated National Heart Month.

Wear Red Day

Beginning with, Wear Red Day on Friday February 5th. Heart Healthy Sheets were passed out to all. The residents participate in a Heart Healthy Independent Scavenger Hunt that took place the following week. Each person that completed the hunt turned his or her sheets into Madeline. The prize, a chance to win a Heart Healthy Basket! The competition was fierce, but one lucky couple took home the heart!

Staff Challenge

After that, Madeline also started a Heart Healthy Staff challenge. For the entire month of February, staff turn in their Wellness Sheets to Madeline weekly. They have an opportunity to win a Staff Heart Basket as well! This is a great way to promote Heart Healthy Moving for all of our individuals at Brightmore.

Recreation Therapy Month

In addition, February also recognizes “Recreation Therapy Month.” Madeline Woodard is our Recreation Therapist/Wellness Coordinator for Brightmore of Wilmington. Recreation Therapists use five domains to assess and work with patients.

  • Mental
  • Cognitive Functioning
  • Physical Functioning
  • Psychological/Emotional Functioning
  • Social Function
  • Spiritual Function.

Currently, Madeline has been working with Brightmore as a Recreation Therapist going on six years. Her excitement is bringing in the new INSPIRE fitness program to Brightmore in March 2021. This program will allow more fitness and Aquatic opportunities for the residents, as well as individualized yearly fitness assessments. It’s all very exciting! In December 2020, Madeline also became ACE-CPT certified. This was an awesome additional certification for her and the Wellness Program.

Spirit Week

Finally, To celebrate this Recreation Therapy month, each year we have a Spirit week. this week brings recreation, fun, and lots of smiles. Who doesn’t love to dress up?! Residents and staff dressed up .We enjoyed:

  • Hawaiian day on Tuesday
  • Bright Colors on Wednesday
  • Crazy and fun hat day on Thursday.

An afternoon pass out of yummy fruit cups followed Hawaiian Day, and the sun was shining bright!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

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