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“60 Years of a Marriage from a Mutual Agreement”

September 4, 2018

Residents of Brightmore, Robert “Bob” and Norine Link, celebrated their 60th year of marriage with a beautiful reception given by their daughter on August 9, 2018! Bob and Norine met when Bob and a college classmate, Ken, went to work for the Bauru of Ships in Washington, DC. They were sent on a 3-month training field trip to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They both stayed with Ken’s parents in Flushing, NY. Kens mother thought Norine would be a good match for Bob and invited her to dinner and it all started from there! Bob and Norine’s first date was to the beach on Shelter Island.  Norine said that Bob never really proposed. It was just a “mutual agreement” that they would eventually get married! And they did…Bob and Norine married on August 9, 1958, in Flushing, NY, at the “Little Church on the Hill.” They honeymooned in Cape Cod. They have two children, Susan and David. Their favorite activities together were golfing, dancing, traveling and boating. Their favorite trip together as a family was to Bermuda where they had a cottage overlooking a cove and the ocean. Norine’s favorite thing about Bob is that he is kind and dependable and always willing to help others. Bob’s favorite thing about Norine is that they agree on most topics such as politics, food, recreation and news! A true picture of a love that has grown and lasted 60 years from commitment, dependability and compromise!  

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