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“Life Isn’t Perfect, But My Lipstick Is!” – Author Series Part 3

Brightmore University ended its Author Series this month with “Life Isn’t Perfect, But My Lipstick Is!” book review and signing: Author Series Part 3 presented by Diane Pascoe, Author & Humorist. Diane introduced the audience into a small piece of her 41 short humorous true life stories – a compilation of short stories that made us all chuckle, laugh out loud, and think! Diane decided after 18 months of not working, that she would start writing all the funny events and occurrences that have happened in her life. She told herself after she fully retired, she would collect all the stories and put them in a book…and that she did! Diane says writing frees herself to be a wiser, more confident, and funnier version of her younger self. She writes to “lift people up”. After reading several excerpts from the book, the crowd left with a smile on their face!