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Judy Colwell: A Multi-Talented Performer

Judy Colwell (and her husband, Ed) moved to Brightmore two years ago, bringing with her many different talents. Judy plays the piano, sings, dances, and has been involved in several theatrical performances. A year ago, Judy brought the idea of creating a “Play Reading” group for our activity calendar, and she volunteered to facilitate it. Over the past year, the group has grown in size to having over 20 join in on the fun on occasion! Through voice work, role playing, and wearing props, Judy finds just the right skits to perform so everyone has the opportunity to read and act. Judy’s past definitely compliments why she has made this activity a hit at Brightmore!

Judy’s involvement in community theater productions in Sun City Hilton Head offered her workshops and stage experience in front of a 550-seat theater. Judy has had many supporting roles in dramas and musicals such as Harvey, Painting Churches, Gypsy, Mame, The Producers, and Guys and Dolls.

Judy has always been a member of a choir. She took piano lessons through the sixth grade from her aunt, and after, became the accompanist for her high school choir. Before moving to Brightmore, Judy was the organist at a small Methodist Church; she now plays the piano at Pine Valley United Methodist Church, for the Brightmore chapel services on Tuesday evenings, and will play in the lobby at least once a week.

When asked who inspires her the most, Judy answered, “My college professor, who taught me moderation by analyzing history and personal living as always trying to find the balance between liberty and order, freedom and principles. When asked who her role model was, Judy said her brother was, as he majored in music and was active in community theater in his adult life.

Brightmore is very lucky to have such a talented individual as a part of the community who gives selflessly of her time to share her talents with her new friends and neighbors!