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“How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know Hold Old You Are?”

Brightmore University began the Spring Semester with “The Art and Science of Aging Well” presented by Dr. Mark E. Williams, MD, who is currently Clinical Professor of Medicine at UNC School of Medicine. Dr. Williams, particularly interested in promoting the health and independence of elderly people, has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of geriatric medicine.

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He has written four books on various aspects of aging including The Art and Science of Aging Well, A Physician’s Guide to a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit. He is recognized through peer evaluations in American Health and other surveys as one of the best doctors in America.

Dr. Williams promotes his “5 Secrets of Aging Successfully” which will help in living a productive and happy life.

  1. Know your reality
  2. Challenge your Body
  3. Stimulate your Intellect
  4. Manage your Emotions
  5. Nurture your Spirit

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By opening up the floor for questions, Dr. Williams touched on many different aspects of aging including lifespan and genetics, and that only 25% of genetics has to do with our lifespan and 75% has to do with our environment (having sufficient food and water, a safe place to live and being stress free). He spoke on Alzheimer’s, memory, balance, loneliness, diet (and the obsession with it in the U.S), prevention vaccines, the necessity of procedures as we age (should we have them or not), and current research. He ended his presentation saying “Celebrate Life and Your Life’s Moments” more often. This too will help us live a more productive and happy life.