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Honoring Those that Served Our Country

On Tuesday October 9th, the Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter 885 visited the Kempton to recognize the Veterans. We have a total of 13 Veterans that live here. They served different branches. They include: Ms. Gardner- Navy, Mr. Bulter- Army, Mr. DeYoung- Army, Mr. Grimes- Army, Mr. Horne- marines, Mr. Lewis- Air force reserves/Marine, Mr. Moore- Navy, Mr. Morgan- merchant marine, Mr. Nelson- Navy, Mr. Prevatte- Air Force, Mr. Smith- Army, Mr. VanVlack- all four reserves, and Mr. Wingard- Navy. Many of our residents are also spouses of a Veteran, and they were recognized as well. Each Veteran was presented a hat with their branch of service. Thank you Veterans for your service for our country!