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Friends, Fellowship, and a Bottle of Wine

The Residents of Brightmore took a relaxing & enjoyable ride to Duplin County to experience the joys of food, fun and fellowship…but most of all, we enjoyed the wines made from the North Carolina “wonder crop”, the Muscadine grape! The Duplin Winery has been a staple in Rose Hill since 1970.  It not only makes one of the most popular sweet North Carolina wines, but also has a delicious Bistro and a very inviting Gift Shop that you must browse through before leaving the property. While our group enjoyed a wonderful lunch that was paired with just the right muscadine wine, we enjoyed conversation and learning how each couple met! We had two couples with us and they were each celebrating an anniversary that had just passed or one that was about to be here.  It made each one of us smile to see 60 & 70 years’ worth of marriage celebrated at one table! Lots of stories were told, and it was a great way just to escape “city-life” for a while!