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Exercise for a Balanced Life!

Brightmore of Wilmington retirement community offers a group Balance Exercise Class for the residents with the wonderful instructor Norman Brooks, LPTA. Residents at Brightmore enjoy this group-oriented class and are there every Tuesday and Friday to see him. The residents encourage and push each other to complete his exercise class, because it is not always the easiest! Residents participate in a “boot camp” style workout, and many have stated “it really does help my balance and gives me strength.” Norman is more than just a Balance class leader for Brightmore. He is a friend, a role model, and an encourager. If you ever are having a bad day and pass Norman in the hallways, he will be sure to make you smile with wise words of encouragement. Norman also does one-to-one personal training with the residents outside of the balance class. This service is offered “separate” than his normal appearances on Tuesday and Friday for the residents.