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Brightmore University: Psychology of Food

Brightmore University, offered by Brightmore of Wilmington, was excited to start the semester with our first lecture on  “The Energetics and Psychology of Food”,  presented by Beth Mincher , CHHC, Elemental Wellness.

You’ve probably heard the saying “You are what you eat.”  But have you ever wondered how food really works in your body?  Could food actually have a “personality”?  Why do we crave certain foods?  Why do we eat, period?

These were the questions that Beth answered today at the retirement community combined with the science behind why individually our bodies and personalities digest food differently than others. “Qi” is the energy in our bodies and the energy in different foods and how it reacts together. We learned the science behind how to assess our body and choose the right foods that react accordingly with our cell makeup depending on if we are “warm-body” or “cold-body” people or if we are “focused” or “unfocused” people or if we enjoy “sugar” foods or “salty” foods. Beth provided a list of the healthy foods we may want to consider eating for different personalities. Overall, we learned that we need to keep our system balanced by enjoying the food you eat by taking time to eat the foods correctly; relaxing more while eating by inhaling aromas first; and digesting your food properly by eating and chewing slowly.