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Brightmore University |Live More with “Qi Golf”

This week Brightmore University presented, Live More with “Qi Golf” presented by Keith Webb, Certified Practice Leader, Qigong & Tai Chi Easy.

Residents of Brightmore joined Keith Webb on Monday to learn the basics of Qi Golf to not only improve their golf game, but to also learn healthy breathing techniques to clear your mind in any situation. Keith taught us several movements and principles of Qigong and Tai Chi and applied them to improving our concentration as we swing the club on the golf course or putting range These movement sequences are great warm-ups prior to playing a round of golf, the breathing exercise promote calmness, and the meditation practices promote concentration. There are only a few of us still hitting the actual “greens”, but we are looking forward to spring weather when we can go try out our new Qi Golf principles as we challenge each other in  a round of “Miniature Golf” instead!

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