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Brightmore of Wilmington Travels to New Zealand!

Brightmore University hosted our 2nd Summer Arm Chair Travel Series, “Summer in New Zealand : Sights from a Thousand Miles of Islands”,  presented by Dick Hayes, President, NH County Senior Center’s VOCAL, Inc. at Brightmore of Wilmington retirement community. Dick took us on a fabulous journey as we traveled to New Zealand from Auckland to Zealandia, a place where kiwis roam at night, sheep outnumber people and people jump from bridges tied on with just rubber bands. It was a vacation of a lifetime that many of us have not had the time to take, but do DREAM of. We learned so many wonderful aspects of this island of 8,524 miles and population on 4.5 million…the exotic animals including 30 million sheep that inhabit it, The Moa’s (birds that are 3-12 feet tall), lizards, kiwi’s and beautiful black swans! The land itself had beautiful waterfalls, thermal hot volcanoes, mountain ranges and glow worm caves. New Zealand is an exceptional island where “Lord of the Rings” was filmed and we definitely know why now.  It was not only a beautiful presentation, but very educational. We look forward to our 3rd Armchair Travel Series in August, where we will travel to “Hawaii Island.”