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Be a Better You with Brightmore of Wilmington

“Be a better You” with Life Kinetik training.

Brightmore University presented its last class for the month, “Life Kinetik”, which was presented by Jill Bean Davenport, RN, BSN, Certified Life Kinetik Trainer. Have you ever considered “Jogging your Brain” and what that actually means? Jill Davenport presented a program to explain the benefits behind focusing on “recall”, while using your brain functions. The perfect equation is Brain Jogging + Physical Activity =Enhanced Performance… by using Flexible Body Control, Visual Stimulation and Cognitive Functioning, the group was able to experience a unique, mind & body exercise opportunity.  Life Kinetik is a fun way to stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive functions for all ages while also reducing emotional stress, improving physical relaxation; concentration; self-confidence and support the ability to work independently.