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Enlightening Information and Events

Whether you’re on our Brightmore of Wilmington campus or visiting our namesake town, you’ll quickly learn that there’s never a dull moment.  We invite you to review our calendars below to learn more about upcoming events at each of our communities and learn about the latest “happenings” on the Brightmore of Wilmington campus at our news link here.

What’s Going On?

Please feel free to review our social calendar for upcoming activities and events.  If you would like to join us for a particular event, please call our office at the community of your choice, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Activity Calendar

Peach Caperse: A Delightful Treat!

What’s the worst part of watching a cooking show on television? Not being able to taste what you just saw being created. Well that’s not a problem here at The Commons at Brightmore as we have our wonderful chef Ryan McCoy come and prepare amazing dishes every month as part of the Cooking with Ryan […]

Taking in the Eclipse at The Kempton

Monday, the residents at the Kempton Assisted Living had a fun filled afternoon!  Many residents gathered outside to view the eclipse. They also had a special guest, Bill Smith, who does caricature drawings. After viewing the eclipse, the residents enjoyed refreshments and took turns getting there caricature picture drawn. Everyone had a good laugh and […]

Bathing Beauties in Vintage Postcards

Elaine Henson recently visited the Kempton Assisted Living to do a presentation on her collection of postcards. The presentation was called Bathing Beauties in Vintage Postcards Part 1. The presentation features the change the bathing suit has had over the years. All the postcards are part of Mrs. Henson personal collection. The presentation was very […]

Celebrate National World Environment Day with The Kempton at Brightmore!

Monday June 5th, 2017 was National World Environment Day. The Kempton Assisted Living residents had a trash sweep around the campus in honor of this special day. Picking up trash is a great way to help keep our environment clean. After the trash sweep the residents of the Kempton had popsicles on the front porch. […]

Having Fun on Backyard Games Week!

May 22nd through May 29th is Backyard Games week. The Kempton Assisted Living celebrated backyard games week on Monday May 22nd. The residents all gathered in the backyard at the Kempton to play some exciting games. The games included cornhole, horseshoes and croquet. Many residents played the games while some watched. The residents also enjoyed […]