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Whether you’re on our Brightmore of Wilmington campus or visiting our namesake town, you’ll quickly learn that there’s never a dull moment.  We invite you to review our calendars below to learn more about upcoming events at each of our communities and learn about the latest “happenings” on the Brightmore of Wilmington campus at our news link here.

What’s Going On?

Please feel free to review our social calendar for upcoming activities and events.  If you would like to join us for a particular event, please call our office at the community of your choice, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Activity Calendar

Brightmore University Presented Its Final Exploration Of Dance

Brightmore University ended on a beautiful note with the last in a 3-part series of “An Exploration of Dance”: Session 3: Lyrical; Dance and Emotion presented by Ella Rose Hood, International Baccalaureate Programme Student.  This was Rose’s favorite to present because it is her area of expertise. She explained that lyrical performances show so much […]

“Tech at the Beach” Helps Seniors Learn New Technology

Brightmore University was excited to offer “Tech at the Beach” presented by AARP Coastal Volunteer, Dennis Stokley.  New technology; iPhones, iPads and Android devices can be very challenging to seniors. The AARP Tek Academy (Technology, Education and Knowledge) offers presentations to help sharpen your technology skills so you can stay connected with friends, family and […]

Exploration of Dance: Contemporary

Brightmore University presented the 2nd Session of our “Exploration of Dance Series”: Contemporary – From Ballet to Today  presented by Ella Rose Hood, International Baccalaureate Program Student from Hoggard High School. This session delved into the depths of dance and showed the progression of how society has changed the styles of dance, how they began, […]

“To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters”

Brightmore University started the month of July with a very special guest, Kathryn Watson Quigg, co-author of the book “To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters”.  Kathryn provided our group with a very thorough book review that left us all wanting to know the ending of Ashley Beth and Lt. Jay Fox. This epistolary […]

Brightmore University: Exploration of Dance – Jazz

For the Summer session, Brightmore University is presenting a 3-part series in “An Exploration of Dance”. Our first session was exploring Jazz. This expanding style was presented by Ella Rose Hood, International Baccalaureate Student at Hoggard High School. Ella dove into the depths of jazz dance, the different styles which include modern jazz, street-style jazz, […]